6 Most Common Accidents at Work

Accidents can happen anywhere and everyone should be knowledgeable when things like this occur. Someone from Townsville, for example, can file a personal injury compensation claim to get the financial support needed to cover the expenses associated with the injury or damage. Workers that are prone to hazardous tasks and substances should ask their leaders how far can their insurance cover them.

Everyone is responsible for themselves at work, so they should know the safety precautions and proper handling procedures for their roles.

Slipping and Falling

This is one reason most offices promote the use of spill-proof cups and mugs. A wet floor is the most common cause of slipping and falling. Safe Work Australia said that it has caused the death of 386 workers from 2003 until 2015. They also mentioned that the most common location of the damage is the knee, followed by the ankle, and then the upper or lower back.

For the work that requires you to walk on slippery surfaces, you should wear proper footwear that has good moisture resistance. Organizing your things will also help avoid accidents like this because even a simple pen can trip someone while walking. The facility officers should also keep close coordination with housekeeping in monitoring cracks, dents, or any broken floor and surface.

Getting Hit or Crushed

Doors should always be kept closed or you can use door stoppers to ensure that they don’t just shut abruptly. Sometimes, you can even get your fingers stuck or crushed in the door. Someone who works in a warehouse should always have the presence of mind to avoid getting hit by any type of vehicle. You can also wear those reflective shirts so that cars can see you well even in the dark. The building should also have adequate lighting in areas such as stairs, halls, entrances, and exits.

man helping a fallen coworker

Cuts and Wounds

Office equipment can cause cuts and wounds due to accidents. Poor safety procedures and maintenance are often the culprits behind these. All office equipment should be turned off and kept in the right storage after use. Someone who works at a construction site should keep an eye on metals and sharp edges.

Walking into Something

We always feel safe when at work that sometimes, we are not aware we just walked into a sharp object and got our feet pricked. There should be a constant reminder to everyone in keeping their things organized and pick up tiny or sharp objects on the floor.


There are many reasons a fight can start at work. It can be caused by any kind of conflict, disagreements, or rumors. Once the tension is there, emotions can trigger someone to wreak havoc. They can start messing up things or hitting their colleague. Bosses can observe their subordinates to see if there’s any spark starting between their employees. It is really painful to see people arguing and fighting, so it is best that human resources should always give reminders to everyone.


People who are often working for long hours and exposed to physical labor should be observed properly. No one will notice that you are already feeling tired unless you tell them. Too much work can cause muscle strain that can affect your body and work performance. Concentration is also lower, which can be susceptible to accidents. Reach out to your supervisor if you are feeling any dizziness or pain.

Everyone should have knowledge and understanding of safety practices to avoid accidents. Basic emergency handling procedures should also be taught, so everyone will not panic upon sight or experience of these unfortunate events.

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