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Build a Brand Persona from Scratch

Relating to customers is vital to the success of your company. If they see you as having the same values, they are likely to choose you over your competitors. One of the ways to build a strong relationship and make a connection with your target market is to create a brand persona.

Defining a Brand Persona

The brand persona is a combination of values and attitudes that you want your company to embody. According to a full-service digital marketing agency here in Phoenix, Arizona, this approach provides you with a way to connect with your intended audience and be what they want you to be.

Personas do not necessarily have to be a person; these can be ideas or mascots. The purpose of making a brand persona is to create a tangible representation of your intended audience and brand. The most successful personas are those that resulted from research, data and understanding of a target market.

A brand persona done correctly is something you can easily visualize and relate to. It is as if you are looking at a mirror image of your ideas and strategies. If you create authentic personas for your different market segments, you’ll be able to build and maintain trust and earn the loyalty of your customers.

Key Personas to Consider

There are different types of personas with varying traits, personalities and values based on human behavior. The items listed below are a few examples that help you start creating the ideal brand persona for your company:

  • Sophisticated – this is someone who displays style, this is a typical persona for luxury brands or companies who want to move up a category in their industry.
  • Caregiver – this represents care and empathy in a person this is an ideal persona for brands who want to reach parents.
  • Rugged – this person is someone who is athletic and outdoorsy, which is ideal for outdoor and sports brands who want to maximize their profits.
  • Competent – this represents influence and expertise which you can use to elicit a response or an action that is favorable to your company.

These are only a handful of the personas available at your disposal. You can mix and match the character traits depending on the behavior of your intended audience.

Ways to Create an Influential and Engaging Persona

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Now that you know the value of creating a brand persona, here are some of the ways to build one and use it to boost your conversion rate.

  • Have an overview of your company and its best traits and values.
  • Visualize an image you want to represent this can be one of the types or a combination of these mentioned above.
  • Have a clear description of what your persona will be from their mannerisms, clothes, and the tone of your message.
  • Picture how they would communicate and respond to your intended audience.
  • Create a logo and identify the color combination that fits with the persona you created.

Creating a persona has numerous benefits such as loyalty from your target customers, better conversion rates and a personality that connects with people. Implement the strategies listed above to get the results you want.

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