Can Your Packaging Endure Direct Force Impact and Heavy Weight?

When you need to relocate, you use boxes to transport your items, and the typical material that you use might be a cardboard box. Do you know that there is a type of carton that is more durable than the traditional cardboard box? It’s the cardboard void former.

Using this material will be beneficial if you’re into the packaging industry.

Cardboard vs. Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard is any type of paper stock or heavy paper pulp that is typically used for packaging materials. Experts also call it fibreboard. Packaging industries need more durable material for packaging than cardboard boxes, so corrugated cartons were invented.

Corrugated cartons are typically made with unbleached wood fibres. These materials ensure that your products won’t be damaged while in transit. It’s a material that is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and reusable.

Moreover, corrugated cardboard is comprised of three layers:

  • Inside liner
  • Outside liner
  • Fluting with a ruffled shape, running in between the two

Other packet companies have another way to enhance their packaging. They use corrugated cartons and seal them with water-activated tape known as WAT. The advantages of this method include a permanent bond of the adhesive and carton, easy printing of labels on the box, and durability against extreme conditions. By the way, WAT, which is protected with multiple layers of polyethylene strands, can come in different thicknesses and widths.

What is a Cardboard Void Former?

tough cardboard

A cardboard void former is a specialized corrugated cardboard carton that is coated with wax on the outside. This material is also used in construction projects, as it helps resist temporary moist of concrete when casting, slowly disintegrating in contact with moisture or water, and leaving a void for soil movement.

Is There a Better Material Than Cardboard Void Former?

Yes, there is. A honeycomb cardboard void former is an ideal substitute for other void formers because of its strength. It can protect the integrity of your structure against reactive soil, withstanding high impact compression. Using this material in building the structure helps to distribute weight evenly for better structure management. Honeycomb cardboard void formers serve as ‘solid holes’ that do not necessitate draining.

Using Void Former in Construction Projects

Architects and builders are aware that weight is a critical aspect to consider in constructing a structure. They do their best to design and build better structures. By using foam void formers, they can make the situation better, keeping the building from becoming too heavy.

Is there a Better Material Than Foam Void Former?

You can use honeycomb cardboard as a sacrificial framework in your construction project. Aside from being more eco-friendly than the foam void former, it’s an effective way to create space between the soil and the foundation of the building.

Honeycomb cardboard can alleviate significant pressures on the foundation, as it is biodegradable, meaning it breaks down naturally. This is an advantage over foam void former, which deforms under load.

Whether you are packing your things or looking for good materials for construction projects, cardboard void formers are good options. Be sure to get them only from trusted suppliers to ensure quality and durability.

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