Cartridge Heater

Considerations When Buying a Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters have found numerous applications in the modern world. The industries that utilize these heaters include engineering plants, food production industries, and other numerous sectors. Although these heaters utilize the same principle, they vary in their application. As a result, it is essential to choose the right cartridge heater that suits your application. But before that, consider the different things that could influence your decision:

Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is a big concern in most industries. Therefore, the construction of modern cartridge heaters utilizes present technology to create energy-efficient units. The energy efficiency of the heater comes about with the material that lies beneath the heater’s sheath. This material has high thermal conductivity, and that means that the heater will last long and that it has a faster response.

The Kind of Lead Wire

You need to consider the temperatures in the environment that your heater will be operating. High temperatures will cause the materials in the heater to fail and cause power loss. In such a case, you should choose fiberglass lead wires. Silicon-covered fiberglass and silicone rubber will cause poor performance of the heater.

High-wattage Heaters

In some applications, it is necessary that the heater responds quickly upon activation. It is advisable that one uses heaters with high wattage. Fast heater response time translates to reliable heater performance—an often desired quality in a heater. Heaters with high wattage are great choices for environments that require high production.


It is a guarantee that a cartridge heater will be in the exposure of high temperatures. As a result, it is important that you get a heater with the right sheathing. The right sheathing for your heater will protect it and extend its lifespan. The common material in sheathing is stainless steel. In environments with super high temperatures, one should get a sheath made of incoloy. Even then, the advice of an expert will be helpful in choosing the right sheathing for your heater.

Physical Environment

You need to take into consideration the mounting of the heater on a device and the type of materials it will come into contact with. A major concern with the things in the environment is that some of the materials may not withstand the heat and cause leakages. This, in particular, occurs when the surrounding metal is either brass or aluminium. The heater should also be free from exposure to any kind of contaminant. Some cartridge heaters have a mechanism that serves to increase bore integrity. The greatest advantage of these heaters is that replacing or servicing will take minimal time.

Given the significance of cartridge heaters, it is essential that one chooses the right heater that suits their application. Buying these heaters is quite an investment, and careful consideration will see that you do not make a costly mistake when you select the wrong one. When making your purchase, be sure to talk to a professional when you have a question. After buying the right cartridge heater, the installation process should also follow the right procedure for longer service.

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