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COVID-19 and Education: The Effect of the Pandemic on Today’s Education

The COVID-19 epidemic will forever be known as the world health crisis that managed to shut down almost every school in the world. Since the virus doesn’t care about one’s race, age, or gender, the education community had to make a decision, and fast. The result is a major change in education systems all around the globe. It is not only the educators and students that are affected but their parents and families as well.

Impact of the pandemic on schools and teachers

Due to the presence of the virus, the education community needed to think fast and find other ways to provide quality education to its students. Others have resorted to online learning. It is not only the traditional schools that are now teaching their student online. Even other institutions are adapting to the new normal by providing virtual lessons like online piano lessons and subject tutorials to their clients.

Now, schools are looking forward to innovating other ways to provide students with quality and effective education. Researchers argue that online learning is not that effective. This is the very reason why educators are working hard to help keep students engaged and better learn despite the current learning arrangements.

Many teachers are overwhelmed for all of a sudden, they need to adapt to online teaching. Many of which are not necessary for traditional teaching. According to a new poll, over a third of teachers fear for their health, both physically and mentally. Many have to work long hours just to be able to prepare and finish everything they need to do for their students. Add the fact that they now have to ensure their families are well-taken cared of while making sure they get to cater to their students and the school’s need at the same time.

Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on students

Social distancing and online learning can have negative effects on students’ personal and academic lives. According to a recent study, the sudden shift in online learning will result in a wider achievement gap. While top students are more likely to thrive, many students will have a hard time coping with the new learning arrangements due to many reasons.

For one, there is little-to-no learning structure back home. Students have already associated school with studies. Suddenly have to do everything back home can make them feel less interested in studying. There are also lots of distractions at home that can hinder a student’s ability to concentrate on their studies.

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Impact of the pandemic on parents

Some parents lost their income due to the pandemic. Aside from the financial stress they are facing, they also need to make sure their young learners are well taken care of. This could mean them struggling to make ends meet while making sure their children are coping with the new living and school arrangements.

Those parents who were lucky to retain their jobs have other dilemmas they are currently facing. Working parents struggle with child care. For remote workers, teaching and caring for young children while you work remotely can take a toll on you.

This list only goes to show that everyone is affected because of the pandemic. Schools and teachers had to make sure their students still get access to quality education. Students had to adapt to the new normal by staying at home and attending online classes. Even parents had to make major adjustments after the sudden change in their children’s learning situation. One can only hope that this ends sooner than later, so we can at least, to a degree, live life the way it was before.

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