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Hitting Pause: Are These What-Ifs Keeping You from Buying Your Next Home?

It’s no secret that a lot of people get increasingly anxious as they get closer to securing their next home. Once they make the offer, the big commitment and purchase they’re making become solidly real to them. So they hesitate for a bit, asking if they made the right decision. As the closing day nears, you yourself may be thinking about these following what-ifs which could be delaying your home purchase:

What if I can’t keep up with the monthly payments?

Of course, money concerns will be at the top of this list. But usually, this kind of anxiety is common among people who max out their homebuying budget. If you’ve already committed to this move, the best course of action is to look for additional sources of income, while also cutting down on expenses. Explore part-time jobs. Those you can do at home, with just your laptop and some stable internet connection, are ideal because you’ll be able to earn money with little to no costs on your end. In the event that you’re still at the stage of getting your finances in order, don’t ever commit to stretching out your mortgage budget. Remember that you’re not only paying for the property itself, but also for taxes, utilities, insurance, possible home repairs, etc. Shop around for mortgage loans. Ogden-based financial experts suggest getting at least three quotes from different agencies.

What if I miss out on the perfect home?

A lot of buyers postpone making a decision on the house they really like, precisely because they think that there might be another house in the future that they would like more. The truth is, you’re right. Of course, there will be something better. And then when better comes, another one crops up, and then another one, and then another one. If you’re going to entertain this kind of what-if, you’ll miss out on really good properties, not to mention get stuck in the loop of never being satisfied. The thing about home buying is that as long as a property ticks off your needs and fits your budget, that’s as perfect as your house will be. Don’t seek out for renovation-TV-approved homes. You’ll be better off with just-the-right home. That said, if you only have a mental picture of your needs in a house, don’t leave it to your memory. Chances are, you’ll forget them once you start touring spaces. Write down your priorities.

What if we don’t fit into the neighborhood?

Neighborhood houses
This is a legit worry, given that the atmosphere in the neighborhood affects how–at home–you’ll be in your next home. It sucks not to be part of the community even though you can try so hard not to care. It’s a simple truth that people naturally long for connection and affinity. How do you dispel this anxiety? As early as the house hunting stage, try to get a feel already of the community you’re eyeing. Initiate small talk with potential neighbors when you visit the house. Ask them what it’s like to live there, how people socialize, if there are community gatherings every now and then. From here, you’ll have a pretty good picture of the neighborhood you’re moving into, at the same time, build an initial connection with neighbors.

What Are Your What-Ifs?

What are the things holding you back from making the home purchase? Is it your finances? The property? The neighbors? The only way you can shake off the jitters is to find its source. From there, you can address it head-on.

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