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Public Warning: Fire Awareness and Safety Tips

There’s a quote by Katie MacAlister stating, “Those who play with fire should expect to be consumed by it.” Fire can consume and burn an establishment in just a matter of minutes. This goes to show that people must be alert in case of this emergency. Saving lives is the number one priority. Never play with fire. Be responsible for handling materials which can are flammable. Be aware of how to stop and put out a fire. To be ready, you must have particular objects to help in case of crisis. You should have a fire extinguisher near the areas where you cook or use fire. Wool, blankets, sand and water may also help.

What do you need to do in case of fire?

1. Do not panic

Panic may lead to more stress and anxiety. You may even influence other people around you. Stay calm and remember the steps you need to take. Clear your mind and be alert on what needs to be done. If it’s just a small fire, you need to get a fire extinguisher quickly. Always remind people to stay away from the area, especially children. Ask them to go out. If the fire cannot be controlled anymore, proceed to the second step.

2. Call an Emergency Hotline

If you are busy helping manage the blaze, ask somebody to immediately call the emergency hotline. They will surely come after a few minutes. Getting everyone out is of utmost importance. Lead people into an open area where danger is away from everyone. If there is a fire alarm or fire knob, turn it on. Leave all your belongings and don’t come back for it. You may even get hurt just for saving your things.

3. Fire Trucks

Firemen will respond immediately with their equipment ready. Fire fighting trailer units are the water source of firemen to be able to act on the disaster. Let them do their job. As a spectator, you may assist other people who are affected like the injured and those who are still appalled with the situation.

4. Aftermath

fireman putting out fire in a house

Firefighters and other authorities will let you know if the place is safe from danger. They may also inform you of the damage and casualties if there are any. Their goal is to keep everyone safe; thus, they may prohibit entering the facility anymore.

As a responsible and responsive citizen, your task is to always know the safety tips in preventing fire emergencies. This can help you and the people surrounding you to be safe from any hazard. In your house or your workplace, unplug all appliances if not in use. Know where the fire exits and fire extinguishers are. Be mindful of combustibles and avoid them from getting near fire conductors. Check your electrical wiring, particularly if you have sparks in the wires. Another sign is if there are flickering lights in your home. It may be a sign of a problem in the circuit of electricity. And finally, know the emergency numbers in your community. Keep them in your phone, specifically on speed dial!

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