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Small Businesses: Building Resilience during a Pandemic

The pandemic had a considerable impact on the economy that even iconic retailers had to file for bankruptcy. Despite this, a lot of businesses showed resilience and found ways to stay afloat. Many of these businesses adapted to the situation and found a way to connect with their market.

Even though the situation has improved over a year after the pandemic started, business owners still have to deal with the obstacles posed by the pandemic. Some looked for opportunities to improve their business. Here are some ways for business owners to make their businesses resilient amid the global health crisis.

Acknowledge the Pandemic

One thing that businesses should do is acknowledge the pandemic. They should not shy away from the situation so they can implement measures to deal with it. It also allows them to show their customers that they are keeping them safe when they visit the stores.

After state authorities lifted pandemic restrictions, people started going out and visited their favorite brick-and-mortar stores. To entice people to visit their stores, business owners should make sure the place is safe for them to visit. They should also require their staff to wear masks and get vaccinated.

They should focus on the customers and assure them that they do not need to worry about getting infected by the virus. This is particularly true with the recent surge in cases due to the delta variant of the virus.

Connect with the Market

The implementation of safety measures of businesses is useless if the customers are not aware that they are open. So, businesses should make sure to inform their customers that they are open. They can post it on their website and social media accounts. If they changed their hours of operation, they should also include the updated hours of operation on the posts and their contact details.

Businesses can also create a Google My Business (GMB) profile to increase their visibility on local searches. When the business comes out on a local search, it will also show all the pertinent information about the business, including the address, hours of operation, and contact details.

The profile also integrates with Google Maps, which makes it easier for customers to find the business. Additionally, customers can connect with the businesses directly through the GMB interface using the business’s phone number or email address.

After informing their market that they are open, businesses can convince their market that they will continue to provide the same products and services. The business can also give freebies, such as shirts, hoodies, and jackets with its logo emblazoned on them. This entices customers to visit them. The business can acquire a heat press machine for putting their logo on the shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Acquiring the equipment allows businesses to save money since they do not need to hire someone else to work on it. The business can use its savings for other purposes.

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Use Digital Marketing Strategies

With many consumers going online, it’s only practical for businesses to enhance their online presence through different digital marketing strategies. They can improve the website’s search engine optimization (SEO), promote their business on different social media platforms, or advertise through online marketplaces.

Businesses can position their business to deal with other businesses or to connect with the consumers. The products and services that they offer determine how they should promote themselves in the market. They can also connect with customers by offering promotions to entice them to visit their website or physical store.

The strategy that businesses will use depend on their marketing budget. But they should use some sort of digital marketing strategy to increase their online presence and connect with their customers.

Maximize ROI on Marketing

To maximize the return on investments for its marketing activities, businesses can focus on online marketing since it’s cheaper and offers a wider reach. In contrast, billboard and newspaper advertising is costly and has a limited reach. Similarly, advertising on radio and television might not be cost-effective for businesses.

On the other hand, online marketing activities, such as social media marketing (SMM) or search engine marketing (SEM), allow businesses to reach markets beyond the borders of the state or country. When they post promotions on their social media accounts, their subscribers can see the promotion even if they live on the other side of the world. Similarly, SEM activities allow businesses to target specific segments of their market who use the internet.

The pandemic upended different industries across the country. Due to this, businesses should become resilient and find ways to connect with their customers using innovations in technology.

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