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The Safety Measures in a Chemical Laboratory

Chemistry is a fascinating subject, and all its ‘magic’ is done inside a laboratory. Though it’s an interesting field, it’s also complex and dangerous. Precautionary measures are done to ensure that everyone is safe in the chemistry lab.

Placing Chemicals in Proper Storage

There’s a reason you have to store chemicals properly. Some are hazardous and should not be mixed with others. There are even those that are hazardous when inhaled. You can put large amounts of liquid chemicals in IBC bunded pallets to help keep these safe until you need to use them.

On the other hand, you should place other items like books and your belongings inside lockers or shelves. You wouldn’t want these to be on the way. You also wouldn’t want them to be destroyed by being exposed to chemicals.

Safety Precautions in the Laboratory

man in laboratory gown picking chemical containers

  • Accidents or breaking of materials and equipment should be reported immediately. You should also keep track if there are instances when there are chemical spills to keep safe.
  • Wear a laboratory gown and proper footwear at all times. Proper footwear means closed shoes. Don’t use sandals, ballet flats, or open toe sandals. Make sure you don’t use any loose clothing as well since they might catch fire. Additionally, don’t forget to tie your hair or wear a cap for protection.
  • Put on safety goggles when you’re heating chemicals. Avoid pointing out a test tube to another person in the laboratory or yourself. Be mindful where the fire extinguisher, eyewash station, safety shower, and first aid kit are. Don’t forget to remove your acrylic nail polish if you’re using matches, Bunsen burners, etc.
  • Be aware of safety measures, hazard warnings, and procedures in the lab. Aside from that, don’t try to make short cuts in procedures. Do all the steps of the experiment to make sure you’re doing the right process.
  • Clean up after your work is done. If there are spills, clean up immediately. Alternately, spill mix is used for caustic liquids or solvent. Proper waste disposal must also be implemented. After each work, you need to wash your hands properly.
  • Many organic solvents’ vapors are flammable. To avoid fire, these must not be exposed to electric sparks, heating elements, or open flames. It’s safe to say that ‘all organic solvents are flammable.
  • A majority of chemicals are harmful to the body. With this, you shouldn’t inhale any kind directly or even taste them. Also, don’t inhale dust powders. Use protective equipment or fume hoods when handling these chemicals.
  • Be careful when handling volatile liquids. Remember that you can’t return used chemicals together with stored ones. Avoid, at all cost, heating a closed system because it will explode.
  • Instead of pouring water into concentrated acid, you can pour the acid into the water. You can do this, but do it slowly. You should also store concentrated acids and bases inside the fume hood.

There are many things you should remember to keep safe in the chemistry lab. These are important to make sure that no lives or properties are at stake when doing chemical experiments. Remember these things so that your chemistry lab is a safe environment for you to work on.


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