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Channeling Your Art Through the World of Social Media

The past decade has seen major changes in the way people communicate and consume information. This is all thanks to the progress of big tech corporations that continuously innovate their services for their users. These changes have influenced monumental adjustments in the way people market their products and services.

With wider reach and better communication, businesses and institutions flock to social media to gain attention. They call this social media marketing. They even use these platforms to communicate with their customers with ease.

It is undeniable that social media has changed the marketing game for businesses. But they are not the only ones who thrive from this type of setup. Artists, entertainers, and content creators have also found this to be the perfect avenue for them to share their craft with the world.

So if you are an artist who wants to spread your craft, this is your time to shine. Here a few things you should before venturing out into the world of social media.

Joining Social Media

Joining social media will only fast-track the way you share your craft with your community. By this time, you have most probably familiarized yourself with the inner workings of the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But note that you do not have to join every single platform that exists.

You only have to be present in the platforms that are most relevant for your target audience. Your target audience is the people who are most likely to be interested in your craft.

If you want to stream your video game sessions live on the web, then it would make sense for you to sign up for Twitch or use Facebook Gaming. For graphic artists, Behance and Instagram would be the perfect platforms to share their art.

If you have no clue as to where your target audience might be, it’s best to use the most widely used platforms and start from there.

Also, it will be helpful to have a separate account just for your craft. You can then invite your friends to follow the dedicated account for your craft using your personal account.

Positioning Yourself

How you position yourself may also help you gain some traction in narrowing your target audience. Your positioning can also help you define the content that you make (more on content later). For instance, if you are a novice painter and are still quite hesitant to share your art, you can say you are a beginner who wants to share your learning journey with your followers.

This narrows down the audience that you want to appeal to and can help you more focus on what type of posts you should be making. With a narrower target audience, you are ensured that you are interacting with like-minded people.

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Content. Content. Content.

Technically, content is everything that you post on your social media platform. Your Instagram images, your Tweets, your YouTube videos—these are all content. But as artists and entertainers, your content is more than just what you post. Your content is essentially your ideas being actualized into some form of consumable form of media.

Business-wise your content can achieve your goals when it comes to engaging with your audience, growing your subscribers, and establishing your brand as a content creator of a certain niche.

But don’t forget that you joined social media to market your talents. So it is best to be genuine about what you create and what you share. Make content that is important to your craft, and let your subscribers indulge in your creations.

It may be tempting to appeal to everyone on social media, but it just doesn’t work that way. Focus on creating content that genuinely interests you and your subscribers. This will create unforced relationships with people that follow your work and will help you nurture them better.

Nurturing Your Audience

If you have been successful in sharing your art and have amassed a good number of subscribers, do not forget to nurture them. Nurturing is when you give them adequate reasons to keep supporting you. You can do this by building genuine connections with your followers and make sure their support is not in vain.

You can incorporate your nurturing techniques in your content. You can post interesting and fun content that speaks to your followers. Also, interact with them in the comments of your posts.

If you want to nurture your audience better, encourage them to join your own brand community platforms. This helps you interact with your supporters better and can even help you provide them with exclusive content.

Navigating your art through social media can be difficult and disappointing. If things don’t work out the way you want to, don’t fret. Just be true to yourself and your craft and the right people will come to you.

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