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2020 Is the Best Time to Start Your Cleaning Business at Home

If you have been seeking for a timely business opportunity, consider the professional cleaning industry.

COVID-19 has cemented the need for cleanliness, whether at home or in the office. More people are investing in cleaning products and services to protect themselves and their families and employees from the disease. The pandemic has led to increased demand for professional cleaning services.

Flexible, lucrative, and quickly built, a commercial cleaning business is a great business idea you can start anywhere — even at home.

Getting Started with Your Business

First, decide if you want to start your business from scratch or work with a commercial cleaning franchise company in your area. If you start from scratch, you might handle more work but can easily control your budget. Franchises, on the other hand, come with brand recognition and a solid business plan. If you have more room in your budget, a franchise is the better option, but if you have more time and wish to work within your budget, start your business from scratch.

Second, set up your business essentials: surety bonding, insurance, business structure, and business plans. If you hire employees, you must get their Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for free.

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Third, obtain the necessary supplies and equipment. Must-have items included on your list are disinfectant, clothes, trash bags, air freshener, broom, air freshener, vacuum, mops, and a carrying caddy. You can get these items for wholesale at cleaning specialty businesses.

Fourth, decide on your target market. Do you want to focus on a specific area nearby or a particular business (such as restaurants or food services)? Knowing your target market gives you a better idea of how to market your service, as well as how you can price your services effectively. In terms of pricing, create your structure by including your calculation for bids, contract agreements, and billing systems.

Finally, market your business. Since most marketing is done online (physical marketing such as handing out brochures can increase the risk for COVID-19), set up your business website and learn more about digital marketing.

The Rewards of Commercial Cleaning

When you invest in this business, you can benefit from:

  • Stable market. As mentioned, COVID-19 has increased the demand for professional cleaners, especially since more companies are re-opening. Almost everyone wants to maintain a sanitized and healthy home and work environment, which is why you’ll never run out of clients.
  • Low overhead. Apart from cleaning equipment and supplies, you need not fork over more money to buy more vehicles, inventory, or equipment. Invest in equipment and tools that will maximize your effort and time as your business grows.
  • Simple product offering. Nearly all commercial establishments need some type of cleaning services. Whether you wish to build your business from the ground up or plug into an existing franchise model, you can survive with the following basic offers: mopping, sweeping, emptying wastebaskets, and cleaning bathrooms.

The fight against COVID-19 has increased the demand for cleanliness at home or in the office. You can address this need even when you are at home. Start your cleaning business today!

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