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6 Commonly-Asked Questions About Dealing with Laundry

Doing laundry may be easier said than done. For many households, washing clothes for a family of five can be their least favorite household chores ever. But everyone has no choice but to deal with the dirty laundry anyway. You have options: bring your laundry to a laundromat in Springfield or elsewhere near your area or do your laundry at home.

There are things you also need to consider when doing the laundry. Knowing these things can help you deal with this tedious house chore task and to avoid damaging your clothes, too. Here are some of the most commonly-asked laundry-related questions and how to deal with them.

Can I wear newly-bought clothes without washing them?

The simple answer is no. For one, there are dyes and other additives on new clothes that can cause skin irritations when worn without washing it first. That is why experts suggest washing newly-bought clothes first before wearing them. This is particularly important to do, especially for underwear and swimsuits.

How can I get rid of that stinky smell from my gym outfit?

To avoid that musty smell on your gym clothes, make it a habit to rinse them immediately after your workout. Wring the clothes to get rid of the water and then put it in a plastic bag before washing them at home. Experts recommend using hot water and detergent with enzyme ingredient in washing your gym clothes.

How can I clean a comforter?

Comforters can be bulky and challenging to wash. In such cases, it is better to bring it to a laundromat. Commercial washers can handle larger loads of clothes, including bulky comforters and the like.

What is the best way to wash lingerie and swimsuits?

Experts recommend washing them by hand instead of tossing them into the washing machine. It also prevents damaging their delicate fabric. It is also better to use a gentle detergent for underwear and swimsuits.

How can I brighten yellowing white fabric (linen and clothes)?

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One way to avoid discoloration of any white fabric by using specific laundry products such as oxy-bleach and warm water solution. You can also use a bluing product to make the white fabrics look whiter and brighter. Another way is by using a color remover product – just make sure the clothes are plain white before using it. If all else fails, you may want to consider dyeing the clothes with another color instead.

What should I look for in a laundromat?

If you find washing clothes too overwhelming, you can opt to bring them to the nearest laundry shop. However, you should know what to look for in a reliable laundromat. For one, the company should have been in the business for years and have generally positive feedback from customers. There are also laundromats that have apps or an official website you can contact in case you want to have your laundry picked up at home.

These are only some of the most commonly-asked laundry-related questions that you should know by now. The above tips will help lessen the burden of stressing over your laundry pile and deal with it more easily.

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