in a Troubled Marriage?

Are You in a Troubled Marriage? Know the Warning Signs

A marriage can hold a lot of promise, but later on, partners can grow apart, and the stresses of modern family life can take their toll. Sometimes the only way to end a marriage and maintain your relationship is to talk to a divorce lawyer. In Glen Burnie, Maryland, many couples check for the following warning signs of a failing marriage before meeting their lawyer.

Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Miss

Marriage requires communication, but if silences or misunderstanding are the only results, then it could be a sign that your marriage is failing in communication. If you find yourself doing the following things, these could be warning signs of a troubled marriage.

Personal Attacks

When couples argue, and they criticize their partner’s character and personality instead of citing a specific action, then it could be a sign of a failing relationship.

Being Defensive

If you feel that your spouse is always attacking you with complaints and criticisms, it’s a sign that you are misunderstanding their intentions. If you feel personally attacked during a discussion, it’s best to take a step back and reconsider what the discussion was all about.

Feeling Contempt for Your Partner

Expressing contempt for your partner can be as simple as not trusting them with daily chores, insulting their handiwork, or even sarcastic comments about their personality. Contempt can be seen as a personal attack and as psychological abuse on the other person.


This is the act of not responding or withdrawing from the conversation for the sake of ending the discussion. When your partner starts to use this as a weapon to stop an argument, this can be a sign of disinterest in the relationship.


Being irritated with a partner’s small actions can also be a sign.  When their idiosyncratic behavior that used to be charming is now unacceptable, it can be a form of contempt. If this irritation descends into verbal abuse, it is best to take a step back and meet a counselor to analyze the state of your relationship. If you feel afraid or intimidated in any way, then you’re not in a good relationship.

Making the Decision

filing a divorce

If you find these communication issues with you and your spouse, it can be sign that your marriage is troubled, but not yet failing. Consider the severity of each issue, and whether there are other circumstances that affect your relationship, whether it’s related to finances, the children, the bedroom, their health, or their families. If physical, verbal and emotional abuse is a part of your relationship, then it might be time to consider seeing a lawyer.

No one has to go through the ordeal of remaining in a relationship that holds no promise for both partners. Any marriage where communication is no longer feasible is not worth holding on to. The best solution to keep relations respectable to see a divorce lawyer immediately. You will still have the chance to rebuild a new kind of relationship with your partner when you divorce amicably, and that is a long-lasting friendship.

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