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Guide to Fighting Loneliness and Feeling Better

Loneliness is an experience shared by everyone at certain points. It is not only experienced by those who are not in relationships or the recently divorced, but by people who feel the need to belong. Being lonely makes us human and long for a connection with others, but it should not be a permanent state of mind and a prison for your mental health. 

People have many reasons for feeling lonely. Being unemployed, changing relationship dynamics, and a lack of sense of identity and belongingness could be the reasons loneliness may persist. Here are some types of people who are more prone to feeling lonely:

  • Young renters or people who have little trust and belongingness in their area of residence
  • Homeowners living alone and/or those with health conditions
  • People with limiting health conditions
  • Widows and single parents
  • People undergoing a divorce or conflict with their spouses

Examining Yourself

If you are feeling lonely with your own experiences, seek help from other people. If you’re in the middle of a conflict involving your marriage, you might need to speak to a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, CO. Analyze yourself and reflect on your conscience, take a hike to the Rocky Mountains or the Pines Peak. If you’ve been hurt by someone that has made you distant to others, take the time to reflect and give yourself a change in scenery.


Look around you and see if your home doesn’t foster feelings of peace, joy, and belongingness, well as the people you are living with. Consider your living situation if it can satisfy your physical and psychological needs. Interacting with the people you’re living with and creating a home you’re looking forward to coming to should help ease the feelings of loneliness as well as create a more connected atmosphere.

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Loneliness can stem from you not communicating your feelings honestly or not communicating them at all. It is understandable to be careful with the people you communicate with, so consider the following:

  • The degree of trust with the people you communicate with
  • Be comfortable sharing your personal information; if not, seek other trusted people
  • Be mindful of the other person’s reactions, keep in contact with people who want to help, and be supportive while avoiding reactions that are harmful or judgmental

Being of Service to Yourself

Fighting loneliness is unique to other people and can be different when looking at your own conscience and reflection. When you reflect on yourself, you can ask questions about what you prioritize and your current situation (e.g. living conditions, past and present relationships with others, and environment), then you may proceed to take action and communicate your feelings to people you trust.

Helping others is also a rewarding activity that will also do good for you. It will help you feel better about yourself and your surroundings.

Loneliness is a feeling that occurs at some point in our lives, but we can take steps to overcome it and become get better for ourselves and for others.

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