Divorce and Technology: 7 Sites and Apps That Make Divorce Easier to Deal With

Divorce is never an easy thing to deal with. Nobody goes into a marriage and dreams of getting a divorce eventually. When married couples go through this heartbreaking and difficult decision, almost every aspect of their lives are affected and upturned.

To make the process a little easier for families going through a divorce, some people — divorced individuals, children of divorced parents, and divorce lawyers — developed sites and apps that make dealing with it a bit better.

10 Sites and Apps That Help Make the Divorce Process a Little More Bearable


Divorceify is a site that helps couples go through the process by providing them the how-tos, the tools, and the people who can help ease the process and alleviate the stresses that go with it.


PartUs is a cloud-based software that helps divorce attorneys, clients, and court systems streamline the divorce process by bringing in some order to the chaos caused by the falling out. This helps everyone save precious time, energy, and resources throughout the whole process.


FamilyDocket helps simplify your life by organizing your case intuitively and builds it in real-time, making it easier for you to monitor using your mobile phone. Information can be uploaded, categorized, and shared with everyone who needs it as you go through the process.


Just like FamilyDocket, dtour.life is another divorce management platform that allows the different people involved in your case to access information and provide you with guidance, education, and empowerment through it all.


Considered as a one-stop-shop for divorce, Wevorce makes the emotionally-charged process easier by keeping things as private and as peaceful as possible, which proves to be a big help for families dealing with the heartbreaks that go with it.

It’s Over Easy

Specializing in online divorce, It’s Over Easy takes pride in helping couples go through the difficult process by making things as easy and as convenient as possible with no need for court appearances.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is created by a divorced father to help separated parents deal with their children’s affairs together by providing an avenue for them to co-parent without the usual divorce-induced friction.


A divorced couple’s techie son came up with Coparently to help divorced parents manage their children’s needs using technology to foster communication and cooperation between parties. This makes child custody less painful for both parties by minimizing less interaction and friction between parents.


When it comes to managing alimony and child support, one of the most recommended apps used by divorced parents is SupportPay. This allows parents to manage and automate their child support, alimony, and other related expenses all in one app.


For couples that have gone through (or are still going through) the process of divorce and don’t know what to do with their diamond rings, Worthy, an online auction platform, accepts such jewelry for auctioning to a pre-screened audience. The money that you can get from the sale can be used to pay for some of your divorce expenses or help you get started with your new life.

Although divorce is not an easy thing to deal with, sometimes it happens because it’s best for everyone involved. Despite the pains and the headaches that go with it, you can always get a fresh start at a better life.

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