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Preventing and Bracing Yourself for Possible Bicycle Accidents

If you’re looking into an environmentally-friendly form of transportation other than your own two legs, then a bicycle is a great choice. But while they’re fun to ride, they can also be prone to accidents. It’s quite the opposite of fun, so it pays to be prepared for such a situation.

You can help yourself prevent this kind of event as well as get ready for it through these means.

Get to Know the Law

Bicycles can be confusing when it comes to classifying them as pedestrians or vehicles. You might think that they’re the former, but in most cases, the law actually considers them as part of the latter. This might affect matters if and when you do get yourself into trouble by being hit or hitting someone.

To be sure of what situation you’re likely to have in the case of a bicycle accident, a lawyer here in Everett will be helpful for you.

Bring the Essentials

Before you go out on your bike, never forget to bring along the important items. Safety gear such as helmets, pads, as well as reflectors for your bike are always a must. A means of communication, as well as knowledge of emergency numbers, are also necessary in case you do have an unfortunate encounter.

If you can, also bring along a first aid kit. Even if you aren’t able to use it on yourself, someone else can do it for you.

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Ride Safely

Most encounters are preventable with a constant awareness of the surroundings on your part. Always be on the lookout for any traffic signs or lights that apply to you and follow them. They are there for a reason, and that is for everyone’s safety. Take note of the direction that vehicles are taking and go with it.

If there are any bike lanes and it’s alright for you to take them, then go for it. Also, whether it’s night or day, make sure that you’re seen clearly by everyone.

Know What to Do

Part of preparing for a possible accident is knowing not just how to avoid it, but also what to do if you ever encounter it. Remember first always to contact emergency services as soon as you can, or ask someone to do it. Wait for them to arrive while getting details and notes about the accident as well as the people involved.

If you can, you should leave the property as it is so that the police could investigate adequately. However, don’t contact your insurance provider before your attorney.

Accidents aren’t fun to be in, regardless of being in a vehicle or not. Not only will you get hurt in the process, but you’ll also likely be forced to spend time and money. This is why preparing yourself for such a situation is important, whether it’s to prevent it or minimize damages when it does happen.

It can save you from trouble, as well as save your life. Make the time for it and leave yourself with no regrets.

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