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The Roles and Responsibilities on a Construction Site

Because of the high demand of workers needed, the construction industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. What’s more, there are many jobs and opportunities available if decide to get into it. A construction project usually needs different people with different skills in order to make it happen.

Here are some of the construction jobs available.


The architect makes the building come to life by developing a creative solution to the client’s needs. They are in charge of developing plans, communicating the plans to the team, and ensuring that these plans are executed. They must be involved from start to finish to ensure that the client’s vision is implemented according to plan.

Construction Expeditor

The construction expeditor is in-charge of managing the flow of materials from the suppliers to the project. They work closely with companies and suppliers. They draw up plans to see what materials and equipment are needed, then order them and ensure timely delivery. A good expeditor needs to be organized and detailed to track the flow of supplies.

Construction Foreman

The foreman oversees the project on-site and tracks worker’s timecard and completion of tasks on schedule. They may also be responsible for payroll and even hiring. They may also act as a Safety Officer, and are responsible for any problems or injuries that occur on a job site.

Construction Manager

This is the person who oversees the entire project from start to finish. The managers are responsible for overseeing planning, budgeting, and progress reporting. They must be on-call at all times to ensure that everything is going smoothly. They must also constantly update the client on the building progress.

Construction Worker

The construction workers are the backbone of every project because they are the ones that make a vision a reality. They need to have a variety of skills, because one day they can be demolishing old structures, and operating heavy machinery the next. They are also required to perform other typical construction tasks, understand instructions set up by their supervisors, and collaborate well with other team members.


Engineers use science and math to come up with solutions to construction problems. They often specialize in different types of construction like buildings, electrical, mechanical, or highways. They use computer software to create plans for projects, as well as regularly travel to job sites to ensure proper implementation.


What’s a building without electricity? The electrician is in charge of putting up electrical connections such as installing wiring and ensuring that the wires will function. They are expected to be master troubleshooters because most of their jobs require fixing problems that need a high level of problem-solving skills and critical thinking.


Engineer in construction site

The estimator is in charge of coming up with budgets on the cost of materials and labor for the project. They need to be fully versed in the project and be able to quantify it using metrics.

There are more jobs available in the construction sector. Find the ones that suit you and cater to your needs and skills, and you can flourish in this industry.

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